Computes a dissimilarity metric between two images


mrmetric [ options ]  image1 image2
  • image1: the first input image.
  • image2: the second input image.


Currently only the mean squared difference is implemented.


  • -space iteration method voxel (default): per voxel image1: scanner space of image 1 image2: scanner space of image 2 average: scanner space of the average affine transformation of image 1 and 2
  • -interp method set the interpolation method to use when reslicing (choices: nearest, linear, cubic, sinc. Default: linear).
  • -metric method define the dissimilarity metric used to calculate the cost. Choices: diff (squared differences), cc (negative cross correlation). Default: diff). cc is only implemented for -space average and -interp linear.
  • -mask1 image mask for image 1
  • -mask2 image mask for image 2
  • -nonormalisation do not normalise the dissimilarity metric to the number of voxels.
  • -overlap output number of voxels that were used.

Standard options

  • -info display information messages.
  • -quiet do not display information messages or progress status. Alternatively, this can be achieved by setting the MRTRIX_QUIET environment variable to a non-empty string.
  • -debug display debugging messages.
  • -force force overwrite of output files. Caution: Using the same file as input and output might cause unexpected behaviour.
  • -nthreads number use this number of threads in multi-threaded applications (set to 0 to disable multi-threading).
  • -help display this information page and exit.
  • -version display version information and exit.

Author: David Raffelt ( and Max Pietsch (

Copyright: Copyright (c) 2008-2018 the MRtrix3 contributors.

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