Key featuresΒΆ

While MRtrix3 is primarily intended to be used for the analysis of diffusion MRI data, at its fundamental level it is designed as a general-purpose library for the analysis of any type of MRI data. As such, it provides a back-end to simplify a large number of operations, many of which will be invisible to the end-user. Specifically, MRtrix features

  • a consistent command-line interface, with inline documentation for each command
  • universal import/export capabilities when image_file_formats across all MRtrix3 applications.
  • Multi-file numbered image support to load multiple images as a single multi-dimensional dataset
  • efficient use of Unix Pipelines for complex workflows
  • high performance on modern multi-core systems, with multi-threading used extensively throughout MRtrix3;
  • available on all common modern operating systems (GNU/Linux, MacOSX, Windows);
  • a consistent Coordinate system with most operations performed in scanner/world coordinates where possible.